The Double U’s

Ws with X

The Double U’s are a set of links that I’ve come across in the past week. They are simply a collection of items, articles, ideas, or videos that have caught my fancy.

Whether you visit one or all, please enjoy.  

1. A colleague wears jewelry from this line and I love it. Plus, how cool is it to call yourself the Metal Monk?! (

2. More plaid scarves for fall. (

3. Who knew that Pottery Barn Kids has some GREAT lighting and rug options? Now, I do! (

4. Handmade ceramics by Vitrified Studio. (

5. Homemade Decadence = Future Deliciousness. (

6. New show on HGTV featuring Sarah Richardson. PUMPED. (

7. Celebrities and pumpkins…you just have to see for yourself. (

And we’re back!

Since returning from our road trip this summer, posting has been sporadic. Okay, non-existent is probably a more accurate term, and part of me has felt badly about this. But, if I’m being perfectly honest I’ve also just been way too busy to really put forth the effort.

Going back to work, taking graduate school classes, taking care of Maisie, planning for the wedding, and moving (more on that later) have made this fall one thing: CRAZY. I haven’t exercised in weeks. My car up until a day or two ago looked like the town dump and our apartment, despite a weekly effort to clean it, never actually felt clean. Thankfully, I’ve managed to keep my job, turn in all of my graduate school work and Maisie continues to grow (4.5 mths, 45 lbs!). So, I’ve accomplished something.

That being said, the past week or so has brought with it a sense of calm that I haven’t felt since August, and I’m ever so thankful. Slash keeping my fingers crossed it lasts. A large part of this is due to the fact that Tyler and I have finally found a new place to call home.  Let’s face it people. As fun as apartment-hunting can be, it’s also stressful.

Our new place is very different than our current home. It’s the first floor of a big Victorian home, and reads “old and charming” as opposed to “young and hip” like our loft. Nonetheless, we’re psyched. It’s larger. It’s closer to work, and it’s on the first floor, making it WAY easier to deal with Maisie. It also means lots of decorating to be done! =)

For the moment, we don’t have pictures to share, but the wheels have definitely been spinning, and I’m excited to share my thoughts/plans for our future space. Stay tuned!

My First Baby


I grew up without pets. Whenever we asked my father if we could get a puppy, he always said the same thing, “Four children is enough.” I guess this is why I never understood the whole human-canine connection that supposedly existed. Several years ago, when Marley and Me came out in theaters, I went to watch it with a few friends. While I recall enjoying the movie, I left the theater perplexed, wondering why my friends had cried. Sure, Marley dying was sad, but tear-worthy? I guess not for me.

Fast forward to this past July.

In the weeks leading up to our puppy’s arrival at home, Tyler regularly shared how excited he was. Frequent exclamations of, “Oh, she’s going to be so cute!” or “I’m going to love her so much!” had me slightly worried where I would get placed in our new family equation. Little did I know what was to come.

Now, we’ve had Maisie for about two months and in those short eight weeks (has it really only been that long!?!?), I feel like I have a birthed a child. Not in the sense that I actually went through labor (thank god), but I have never been more worried, concerned or emotional about another being’s well-being in my life.

For instance, at two weeks old, we brought Maisie to CT for a short visit to Tyler’s mom’s house. Tyler’s parents own two dogs – Wilson and Dexter, 9 and 7 years old respectively. Neither Wilson nor Dexter were psyched about Maisie’s presence, but she was quite excited by theirs. Although we kept a close eye on them, I guess Maisie got a little too frisky with Dexter, who lunged at her in a not-so-friendly manner. Whether he actually bit her or she knocked her leg into a piece of furniture we’ll never know, but the poor baby couldn’t walk on her front, right leg and yelped every time we went to gently touch it.

Tyler remained relatively calm, but I was beside myself. Bawling on the kitchen floor, curled up in a ball around Maisie and stroking her tiny, furry body, completely convinced that we’d stolen her ability to walk for the rest of her life. Sadly, I’m NOT kidding. My mind kept reeling with thoughts of, “I should have been more careful, kept a closer eye, barracaded her in the kitchen with me! What was I thinking?!” Fortunately, after a couple of hours lying on the floor and in my pool of tears, Maisie’s limp began to subside and an emergency visit to the local vet proved she was fine.

Overall, my anxiety over Maisie has lessened, but only to a degree. When life threw us a curveball two weeks later and we had to change our original daycare plans, I was once again a hot mess. So much so that I think Tyler might actually be afraid to have children with me now. In my defense, I think I’ve been preparing my whole life for children. I know I will probably have to be a working mom and I know that pre-school is good for kids. I’m a teacher after all! I just didn’t think that dog-garn puppy would get me, and boy…she did.

I love you, Maisie.