Bowled Over

I don’t know that many people take enough time, or really any time for that matter, to think about their favorite type of dishware. Have you?

Well, I certainly have. Without a doubt, my favorite culinary container is the bowl. I love bowls. Tyler, on the other hand, is more of a glass-man, although I don’t think he’s actually ever thought about it like I have (Tyler’s Note: Nope). I just notice weird things like that.

A couple of years ago, I spotted this photo on Pinterest, which really started my love affair with bowls.

It made me realize a new dream of mine – to own a collection of bowls that would allow me to create a similarly stunning wall of color in my kitchen. Now, I know. Weird and super wasteful. Even with a family one day, I would need about twenty kids to make use of all of those bowls, and Tyler and I are not about to become the next Duggars.

So, yes, my dream has had to shrink some because, obviously, this wall of wonder is simply not feasible for my future. That being said, twelve to fifteen bowls of varying sizes? a shelf of beauty? Now, that I can do.

My odyssey for the perfect collection began this past February when I asked my parents for some bowls for my birthday. Yes, they scratched their heads at that request, but I did get two pretty bowls from West Elm to start my collection!

If you are equally enamored with beautiful bowls, here are my top shops to start perusing:

West Elm
This is by far THE BEST store for finding cute bowls that are not outrageously priced.
Each new line brings me great joy.

A little more expensive than West Elm, but an equally awesome selection.

World Market
Lots of choices at a great price.

Not the largest selection, but there are always one or two amazing options, and…the price can’t be beat!

The Double U’s

Ws with XThe Double U’s are a set of links that I’ve come across in the past week. They are simply a collection of items, articles, ideas, or videos that have caught my fancy.

Whether you visit one or all, please enjoy. 

1. Disney princess drawings with a kick-ass twist. (

2. Lime green dots + bright blue fabric = great summer top. (

3. Beautiful dining space that mixes rustic and industrial features. (

4. Funky beaded earrings. The perfect summer accessory in black…white…lime…and coral. (

5. Ombre “training capris” = inspiration to work out. (

6. 99 Ways to Transform a Dresser. Endless ideas. (

7. Love. This video made me proud to say that I have scarfed down a number of Honey Maid graham crackers in my day. (

Happy One-Hundred

Today, we have reached 100 posts on Both Sides of the Tracks. On the one hand, 100 is quite an accomplishment. Tyler and I have kept blogs before, mostly for our families and when we’ve been traveling. But, we’ve never managed anything quite this extensive before. It’s been a lot of fun.

On the other hand, these past few weeks have been more difficult. I find myself sitting down to write or to plan out a weeks worth of posts, but soon come to feel as though I’ve hit a roadblock. Granted, we’ve had three or four posts going up over the last couple of weeks, but the process hasn’t felt as fluid or joyful as it did before.

That in and of itself, makes me feel as if I’ve failed a little–especially because we got really good at posting everyday, Monday through Friday. Nonetheless, as I sit here writing this, I cannot help but feel comforted by the familiar click-clack of the keyboard as the growing mass of black fills the white space on my screen.

I remember reading somewhere that today people get so sucked into the business of consuming that they forget about the act of creation. More frequently than not, I blame technology for this – iPads, laptops, televisions. That damn social media! And don’t get me wrong; I’m a bit addicted myself. But, in writing this I’ve also realized that it’s those same things that have helped me and, at moments, forced me to create.

With that said, I thought I’d look back (with Tyler) and share some of our favorite “creations” together:

Quirkiest Post: Ode To Black Friday

I never thought I’d think this hard about “Black Friday”. Nor did I ever think that I would write an ode again after high school, but after re-reading my poem, I’d say I did my English teachers proud. Go me.

Yummiest Post: Baked Apple Cider Donuts

If you don’t own your own donut pan, go out and buy one…now.



Jessica’ Favorite Tyler Post: Travels in Florida: Non-native animals

I love this post for so many reasons, but mostly because it shows how wonderfully creative Tyler is. The photos were gorgeous. The writing was clever, and I never would’ve thought to write a post like this to begin with. So fun. =)

Best Looking Post: In the Attic

I cannot take credit for creating any of these images, but oh…my…I could stare at them all day long. They are breathtaking and inspiring. I can’t wait to get my hands on a house.



Most Proud of Post: Organizing our Art, Pt. 1: The Office Gallery

While I technically wrote this post, true credit goes to Tyler. Not only did have the patience to work with me on this, but it was also his idea to create the awesome GIF featured on the post. It made for a fun project, a fun video and a beautiful wall.

Epic Fail Post: What to Wear: Football Game

So much for my plans in this post. It rained like cats and dogs that days and all talk of style went completely out the window. I wore a trash bag instead.


Tyler’s Favorite Jessica Post – Listography: The Places [Jessica] Would Most Like to Visit 

“One of my favorite things about Jessica (but really, there are just so many it is hard to keep track of them all) is that she likes to travel. Long car rides have given us plenty of time to make fun lists like these, and it is always interesting to see how they morph over time.”     ~Tyler

Here’s to 100 more posts! We look forward to sharing them with you. =)